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Late July Report

Tuna have arrived!!! It's been another good month of fishing, And the weather has been some of the best of the year! A couple of good days of bottom fishing, Salmon off the Columbia river, and the tuna, while still scattered and in small groups, are close enough to shore to get at.

Bottom fishing on the mid coast has been good, got the chance to try some new swim baits that we'll soon be offering in the store. These things are ling cod killers!

It's a 14 inch swim bait and we fished them on 8 oz jig heads in 40-100 feet of water, and the Lings just couldn't get enough! They worked well just drifting them with very light action on the jig, and the tail has a very good life like action. On the demo batch we didn't rig assist hooks, but in the future, these will likely be added to hook the tail biters.

Salmon has been good, though haven't had but just a couple opportunities to get out after them. Scratched up a small chinook and a coho...and was plagued by drive by's and spat hooks.

Here the standard herring offering behind diver and flasher worked well for me. Though I've seen several reports of the smaller offerings nailing the coho hard with just an anchovy 3-4 feet behind a diver.

And now for the Tuna! Swim baits on the troll seem to be the ticket right now, even the bigger boats are having a hard time converting to a bait stop the last couple weeks. Very little sign from diving birds to be seen anywhere. fishing on the blue side of the color breaks in the chloro charts is producing fish slow but steady for most. Friday the 21st we made our 1st tuna run, and for 3 skis fishing only had 3 bites.

1st was a double 30 minutes into the troll, neither landed. Then took several hours of working the area over to scratch up one peanut - but it's still worth a cold beer! So no complaints from the peanut gallery (see what there, peanut...ahh, dad jokes).

Tight lines!

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